Tony Robbins

Un-shake-able - An unwavering and undisputed confidence; a steadfast commitment to the truth; presence, peace of mind, and a calm amidst the storm

Unshakeable kicks off with a section called Wealth: The rule book, which is the longest section of the book (out of three). Together with the second section called The Unshakeable playbook it is the technical "juice" of the book where most of the information for managing investments is laid out. Starting from the importance of investing, understanding the market, taxes, and fees, going all the way to retirement plans, talking to financial advisors, and selecting and diversifying investments. If I am being honest, I loved it and I hated it.

I loved it because I am a huge fan of investments and managing investments, understanding the economy and understating how to do it myself. Robbins supports his thoughts and data with the ideas and methods that he got from interviewing more than 50 of the world's most successful investors such as John Bogle, Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, etc.

While I really enjoyed that, Robbins took advantage of his extraordinary sales skills to sell us the idea that we should use the services of an investment/wealth management company that he is associated with. And while it is great to know that the money I have paid for the book are worth 50 meals that Robbins is going to donate, it feels like a burden to read through all of the sales pitches that he is doing throughout the book.

Another thing that was a total miss for me was the highly localized investment examples. I assume this makes a lot of sense having in mind that Robbins is a US citizen, so he did the homework for the US peeps, but for a person like me living in Europe it didn't make much sense to read about retirement plans, fees or taxes that don't even exist in Europe. Or explanations of laws about financial advisors that don't apply here. But anyway, I assume what matters at the end is that you understand the ideas behind those and then you do the homework yourself.

Probably the best part of the book for me was the last section called The psychology of wealth, because it was full of advices that you can apply to everything in life and that can dramatically help you to have a happier and a more successful life. This makes a lot of sense coming from Tony Robbins, the king of motivational speeches (and Chief of Investor Psychology in the investment company he is trying to sell for), so it is reasonable to say that more people recognize him for doing that rather than anything related with investments.

Remember that you are more than the moment. You are more than your economics. You are more than any challenging time you may face. You are soul, spirit, and essence – and you are truly unshakeable. Tony Robbins