Explore my professional journey and discover the impactful projects I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

Client projects

From industry leaders to innovative startups, here are some of the notable clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Side projects

Beyond client work, I’m passionate about bringing my own ideas to life. Here are some of the side projects I’ve developed and nurtured.

CupManager – Best platform for Hattrick tournaments

A free-to-use football tournament management platform, built as a 3rd party of the online football management game Hattrick. It actively served over 20.000 users, but after the rapid decline of Hattrick’s userbase I have decided to put CupManager on hiatus in 2021. This hiatus is merely a testament to my commitment to delivering excellence. Stay tuned for exciting updates and enhancements as I gear up to relaunch CupManager with even more innovative features and enhanced user experiences, including users that are not part of Hattrick.

Maktrick – Macedonian Hattrick community platform

The Macedonian community on Hattrick needed a platform where we could gather, track, and filter all the youth talent throughout the Macedonian clubs. I automated the entire process, because previously we had scouts that were doing the same process manually. This led to improved care for the youth clubs and talents from the process of finding to the process of promoting that resulted in several highly-placed World championships. You can find parts of the project on GitHub.

Goodreads API – A PHP client for consuming the Goodreads API

Created as a PHP client/wrapper for the Goodreads API while building another project. The Goodreads API has been shut down as of December 8th 2020, so I decided to archive the project. You can find the project on GitHub.

ModCom – Modman to Composer converter

Dev share talk on how to convert a Modman project to a Composer ready one. The purpose of the talk was to show a quick way of converting a Modman project (in the given case a Magento project) to a Composer ready project. Basically in most of the cases you should be able to run the convert command and then composer install. You can find the project on GitHub.

Blog module architecture

Dev share talk on how to build a decoupled blog module. This is just a simplified example and it does not represent a production ready code. You can find the project on GitHub. Please also check the Magento and Silex modules which implement this module.

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